Toad Venom Has Arrived

I am excited to announce a new service offering. Although we are still working out the details, Toad Venom or 5-MEO-DMT has arrived to Spiritquest.

5-MEO-DMT is the most intense experience you can have on Earth. “Toad Venom”, is a molecule with many names Bufo Alvarius, Jaguar, Dragon, or simply the ‘5’ is how many of us know her.

The experience is transcendent. Mystical is an understatement! Samadhi (a state of meditative consciousness) in a single inhale. A swim in the abyss, a visit to the abode of Voidness, or “Woh, what was that?!”

It feels like a no handlebars roller coaster to the stars. The opposite of landing.

Side Effects may include –

  • Ego Dissolution
  • The death of fear
  • Enlightenment
  • Reconnection
  • Love

Priestesses used to offer a unique experience in their temples. “To die before you die,” they would say. That sounds like the ‘5’. A near death experience, but safe.

People who report having a ‘near death experience’ (NDE) often change their lives dramatically in the aftermath. Even if they lived in shame and/or fear, there is a ‘jump’ to joy, peace, and love.

These journeys are where love meets liberty, with a puff of smoke and a kiss. It is an experience that we believe everyone should have the opportunity to try, at least once in a lifetime.

The ‘5’ can be experienced by participants who cannot drink Yage due to certain medication constraints; although, it does come with it’s own contraindications. The ‘5’ experience will look and feel very different from a Yage ceremony – they are different molecules after all!

Please stay tuned for more information and upcoming ceremonies.

love, feliz

Connected in spirit ❤ gray bird

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