“The difference between someone who is a  shaman and someone who is not, is that my light grows in intensity every day until it is joined once again with that of the Universe.”

…from a book by Alberto Villoldo.

A shamanic practitioner is one who can journey to non-ordinary realms to connect and communicate with helping spirits to gain knowledge and guidance and to help heal from any number psychological, emotional, and spiritual ailments. Shamanic journeys are a powerful source of inspiration and healing not available by any other means. *

Shamanism is not a religion; there is no dogma, nor are there any deities in Shamanism. There is only spirit – spirit of the earth (Pachamama), spirit of the sun, the spirit of each and every plant, each and every animal, each and every stone. and the great spirit of the Universe. EVERYTHING HAS SPIRIT.

“we are not FROM nature, we ARE nature” Sandera Ingerman


I offer a number of private and group services. Almost without exception, these services are offered to help you and heal you. The donation requested for a service varies, as does the duration. In cases when I need to bring all of my spiritual objects and instruments, I require a 30 minute set-up time at the beginning and 30 minutes of packing time at the end of the service. Distance to travel will also play a role in determining the exchange. Know that I will do my very best to work within your budget and to make myself available to you.

Private offerings –

  • Consultation – in-person or virtual
  • Processing Profound Loss/Grief
  • Soul Retrieval
  • Spirit Journey
  • Clearing bad spirits from home and property
  • Despacho Ceremony
  • Purposeful Meditation (grand master Simon)

Private and Group Ceremonial Offerings

  • Virtual Spirit Plant Medicine Talk
  • Virtual and in-person Integration
  • In-person Psychedelic Medicine Ceremony
  • In-person Cacao/cannabis/psilocybin Ceremony
  • Virtual Spiritual Healing Ceremony
  • Sound Healing
  • Spirit Journey may be combined with any of the above

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions you might have.

love, feliz

Connected in spirit ❤ gray bird

* I am a shamanic practitioner. I have studied celtic (White Bone) shamanism and I continue to practice the shamanic techniques I learned during my apprenticeship, to communicate with helping spirits, ward off bad spirits, and offer ceremonial service. This is the extent of my knowledge and abilities; I make no claims to the contrary.

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