Guru Ram Dass – Song by Snatam Kaur

“The healing path is long, winding, and wroth with many obstacles.” gray

Gray …

  • has attended a 3 year apprenticeship in shamanism (Angela Prider, White Bone), practiced Kung Fu for many years (Grand Master Simon, White Tiger), travelled to the Amazon Jungle several times to sit with an indigenous healer (Don Luchio, Tamshyacu), is actively enrolled (Jan. 2021) in shamanic wisdom with Sandra Ingerman and Puma Singona, and has attended most weekend SPMCs (Spirit Plant Medicine Conference, UBC campus). Among his many teachers are first nation elder Robert, Ram Das, these tribal lands, all of the spirits of Nature, and the Universe.
  • has significant experience with Psychedelics and has read many books on Psychedelic Healing, philosophy, and spirituality.
  • has hosted many spiritual healing ceremonies since 2014 and is well versed in the art of providing a safe and compassionate ceremonial space for his guests. Gray has been practicing rudimentary music for most of his life and uses his knowledge of song and instruments in his ceremonies.
  • was given his medicine name (Gray Bird) at a Huachuma ceremony in Cusco (2019)

If I had to pinpoint a time in my life when I was first exposed to Spirituality, and actually paid attention 🙂 , it must be late in 1971 when one of my roommates handed me a book entitled ‘Be Here Now’ by Ram Dass (Richard Alpert). I had been living on 4th, in Kitsilano, and spending a goodly amount of time trying to understand who I was and what I was doing ‘here’. All but completely overwhelmed with PTSD, depression, and anxiety I was desperate to find relief. I had been exposed to meditation a few months earlier but found it very difficult to clear my thoughts and come to the present moment; I simply couldn’t understand what this meant.

“Separation and duality are illusion. There is no Us and Them, there is only We.” gray

There exists a certain irony in the fact that I now sing chants to Ram Das in ceremonies I host. Has this really been a journey of 50 years??



We, of Spirit Quest, seek psychological, emotional, and spiritual healing and enlightenment; although, I believe that these noble goals are intimately related. Whether searching for freedom from addictions, relief from various negative psychological traits like anxiety and depression, or spiritual wisdom and meaning, we are on a path to a better and more fulfilling future with our ourselves, our partner, our family and friends, and the Universe  🙂

As we travel this path of healing and enlightenment, we will come to realize that Love, Peace, and Forgiveness are at the centre of our journey; the core to our being. And, that all good things branch from this foundation. It is from these very special spiritual gifts that we grow; out of our restricted and ignorant self and into a limitless spiritual being, full of compassion, understanding, and empathy for all others. Indeed, the attainment of Oneness with everyone, everything, and the Universe is within everyone’s reach.

There is a fundamental breakdown in the fabric of Western civilization manifesting itself in the separation, alienation, and isolation of all people. including our friends and family. We blame this separation on the Media, the education system, the Government, the Banking cartels, and our learned greed and selfishness. In addition, many of us are fighting an internal battle with our psyche, badly bruised during a less than perfect childhood.

“You are not From Nature, YOU ARE NATURE” Sandra Ingerman

We are a new group of spiritual beings who; 1) practice guided spiritual meditation 2) meet regularly to disseminate information regarding spirituality and psychedelic medicines 3) meet to discuss our non-ordinary experiences with like minded people (integration) 4) participate in Medicine Ceremonies. We are building this beautiful experience as we practice our meditation and participate in our meetings by paying particular attention to what we have learned in each succeeding event. Always proceeding with an open mind and open heart.

Spiritquest has no Dogma or deities, nor do we believe that there is any single path to healing. “A Human Being may travel many roads before they come to us, and will travel many roads when they leave.” We understand that the task of healing from a lifetime of physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual wounds is a long and difficult journey, and it must be approached with reverence and respect. We understand, also, that the journey of healing will have many twists and turns, and will be  wroth with many obstacles. We understand that there is no end to your healing path.  With appropriate dedication to your SELF, your healing path can be a productive and positive lifelong journey; full of Peace, Love, and Happiness. When we set out on our healing path, we are making a commitment with Spirit, to dedicate all our energy and will, to the task at hand. Spirit, in turn, will provide unlimited support, to help us every step of the way.

“Nirvana is a journey, not a destination.” gray

This is the most rewarding experience of my life. It is an opportunity to give back to others for the many gestures of kindness that I have been shown throughout my lifetime.

Peace, Love, and Forgiveness, gray

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