New Exchange (cost) Model For Event Participation
Dear Gabriela and Sasha
Man and Hammer
I had life changing experiences
Toad Venom
Toad Venom Has Arrived
Blossom 3
I feel Such Deep Movement
Autumn Flower
Integration Letter
Curassow Lodge
First Ceremony
Caapi Vine
How Beautiful the experience
How to Change your Life
Happiness Is a Choice
Democratizing Psychedelics: My Response
Democratizing Psychedelics: Why Community Should Lead The Way
moving spirit
... will bring great transformational results for the participants!
Happier than I’ve ever been in my life
Haft Sin
Nowruz (New Day / Spring Equinox) 'Haft Sin'
Curassow Lodge
Event Organization
Peru '23 - Itinerary
Services - Letting Go of Profound Loss
the shamns cave
The Shaman's Cave - Shamanic Downloads
... From
Santa Maria - A Shamanic Medicine
Medicine Pot
Can Ayahuasca Change Your Life?
Spirit Plant Medicine - Reading Guide
The Power Of Gratitude
A Ceremony on Bowen Is.
Venus is her medicine name
animated stream
Teacher? I am just here to heal.
Bob Dylan
Bob Dylan's "I Threw It All Away"
animated forest
"I didn't receive any visions!"
Rainforest Ranch
A New Venue in Maple Ridge and 'the exchange'
Michelle MacEwan
Wild Wisdom by Michelle MacEwan
Incredible String Band
Long Time Sun
Missing You Julio Andrade
Chris Kilham
Sunday Morning ‘Sermon’: “Psychedelic Dharma” with Chris Kilham
'What is Psychosis doing on the Planet?' by Steven Morgan
Dieta For a Healing Ceremony
UUTAi - One of Nature's Treasures
Sacred Reciprocity - Shamans Cave
water lily
'God' another 3 letter word for 'One'
Chris Bache 'LSD and the Mind of the Universe'
A Profound Cannabis Journey
SPMC Image
Vancouver Spirit Plant Medicine Conference
Medicine Hearth
Thank you
My Brain Is Broken
Ram Das
Ram Dass on How Can We Accept Ourselves
woman drawing
Love Fiercely, Like There is no Tomorrow
Technology (as it pertains to spirit)
The Recent Survey
Ram Das
Promises and Pitfalls of the Spiritual Path - Ram Dass Full Lecture 1988
Spirit Plant Medicine Conference at UBC
Psychedelic Stage
Cannabis Ceremony and Dance - SPMC
A letter to my teacher of shamanism
Chris Kilham - Ayahuasca Monologues`
Terence McKenna - The Best Explanation For Being Alive
Chris Kilham
Chris Kilham - Let My People Trip
The Shamen Are Coming...
More Thoughts on the Dieta
The Trees They Do Grow High (Pentangle)
Medicine Man
Peru 2019 - Cusco, Pizac, Sacred Valley, and Machu Picchu
A Letter from a Ceremony Participant
Spiritual Teacher
A Sacred Shamanic Cacao Ceremony
A letter to a Member
Shaman - Custodian of Tradition
Visions or Hallucinations?
The Medicine Path and the Good Way
Love is the Glue That Binds Us
water lily
Plant Medicine Ceremony - Informed Consent
The SHaman of Tamshiyacu
viewpoints do not change on their own accord
Discovering LSD: 75 Years of Experiences
A Prayer to Spirit
Happy Norooz / Spring Equinox
The Spirit Is Eternal
Illumination - A concert of Persian & Turkish Spiritual Music
Just a Dream
Fall Retreat - Afterward
We are all connected - Video
Ray Man Shabad - by Snatam Kaur
Spirit Plant Medicine Conference & UBC - Nov 4th & 5th
"Being" In the Present Moment
A Ceremony in a Bedroom - From 2015
Site & Membership Rules
Peru 2017 - Tamshiyacu & Don Lucio
You Are Nice ...
What comes after healing?
April 8 Spring Retreat - Ride Share
Meditation - Why Bother?
Going Home
Life is a Gift
Depression and Spirit
A Message from Angela Prider
The Origins Of Love - Revisited
The Absence of Ego
Ayawaska through the Eyes of a Musician - Free
Ordinary versus Non-Ordinary Reality
The Ayahuasca Test Pilots Handbook
The origin of Love
Dr. Bruce Damer - reads Fire in the Sky
Chris Kilham
A Medicine Hunter's Hallucinatory Healing; Chris Kilham - Ayahuasca Monologues 2012
Spirit Plant Medicine Conference - UBC
Sacred sounds, Mantras, and Icaros
Observations on a Journey
A Shamanic Journey
Love and peace
A shaman in our midst?
Dawn Wanted to share her experience
Gabor Mate Speaks at the Spirit Plant Medicine Conference @ UBC
SpiritQuest - State of the Union Address
Ayahuasca Ceremony In Peru
Manuela wants me to share this with you
In Gratitude
To See a World
Set and Setting
A Ceremony in Richmond
The Dieta - More Than You Ever Wanted to Know
A Ceremony in Washington
Sit in a quiet place
respect psychedelics
Safety In Psychedelics
Ayahuasca Manifesto, by Anonymous
DMT - The Spirit Molecule (Full Text)
Sacred Sounds, Mantras, and Icaros
The Icaro - a song sung in Shipibo healing ceremonies
Music, Sounds, Mantras, and Icaros
The Ego, The Outsider & Psychedelics - Terence Mckenna
Spiritual Heart
Journey to Oneness
Brother West on CBC Ideas
The War on Consciousness by Graham Hancock
Why am I here?
Sacred Plant Medicine: The Wisdom in Native American Herbalism
Psychotria viridis (Chacruna)
peganum harmala (Syrian Rue)
Banisteriopsis caapi Vine (Ayahuasca)
Nature's Disappearing by John Mayall (1970)
artemesiaspp. (Wormwood)
asarum canadense (Wild Ginger)
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Sacred Plant Medicine
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Ayahuasca Ceremony Benefits
The Absence of Love
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