I feel Such Deep Movement

Hi Gray ,

I can’t thank you and everyone enough for holding such a sacred space for cermoney. I feel such deep movement happened for me. It definitely wasn’t easy, but I feel lighter and more connected than I have in a while. In particular the healing you did. I could see your spirit healing everyone and was overcome with such gratitude for you for holding that space and your deep commitment and generosity to heal others and yourself. Plus all the wonderful music and the gentle humor that was there. Beautiful.

I’m am definitely hoping to be at the integration tomorrow. I may have a client session with quatum healing hypnosis though . The sessions run between 5 – 7 hours so I won’t know until tomorrow if I’m available or not, as I always leave the time for however the client needs, so if I’m not there in person, I will be there in spirit.

Thank again ,

Love mary

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