HeraVayu – New Year’s Eve Breathwork, Soma, and Ecstatic Dance


From 7:30pm until 1:30am


Edgemont Village, North Vancouver

Early Bird 75 until Nov. 30th (Deposit 75 per person)

Feliz / feliz@spiritquest.ca

** An alcohol free zone **

Hera is the Goddess of the air and breath. Vayu was closely associated with the King of the Gods, born from the breath of the supreme being, and the first one to drink Soma.

Our New Year's Eve Ecstatic Dance Social event will consist of -

  • Self-Expression
  • Ecstatic Dance
  • Soma [traditional Cacao]
  • Shamanic Ritual
  • Social

Lets raise our vibes together with this fun evening of movement, music, and magic.

** Finger food and (non-alcoholic) drinks will be provided.

Breathwork, Soma, Dance, and Sound will create a potent portal for rapid transformation and deep connection. An invitation to explore, express & expand.

** This is a silent, shoe-free and phone-free event. Nothing to distract you from your Emergence into a limitless spirit. 'Quiet' space will be set aside for those who wish to mingle.


We will gather in circle sharing ceremonial grade cacao, giving ourselves the opportunity to enter into the stillness and wisdom of our being. Optionally, we can augment our Cacao with forest medicine. This shamanic ritual provides a space for cultivating deeper self-awareness, expand your intuitive flow and align your actions with your intentions. 


A conscious movement practice that invites people to unwind and open to inner wisdom and medicine that our bodies carry. Dance, Music, Breath and Cacao Medicine are the core of these ceremonies catalyzing ecstatic states, where conscious mind limitations dissolve, opening the doors to the vast subconscious intelligence. It is an opportunity to connect deeply with self and others in fun ways words cannot express. A gracious experience to meet yourself as you are and open a space where you can see beyond who you think you are.

Ecstatic Dance

The music originates from the highest quality FLAC files and all the nuances of the original recording is preserved. Full dynamic range is assured.

To take us deep with a delicious high vibe fusion of tribal beats, electro, house, medicinal frequencies delivered from high quality pumping sound system.


We will receive the healing vibrations of various acoustic healing instruments, bringing space to cultivate relaxation, presence and to integrate these high vibrational states before floating on out. Attendees often leave feeling euphoric, peaceful, connected and overflowing with love and gratitude.


Please bring a mat, or a large pillow, or back-jack to sit on for the Breathwork.


Wise Woman Fay will be present to offer Mindfulness and Breathwork. In addition, Fay will assist Gray in offering the Soma, and Sound Bath. 

Shaman Gray Bird is excited to welcome you to the New Year's Eve Ecstatic Dance event. Gray will offer the shamanic ritual, meditation, a sound bath, and provide a guided introduction to the ecstatic dance.

  • 7:30 ~ Doors open
  • 8:00 ~ Introduction
  • 8:10 ~ Breathwork and Meditation
  • 9:10 ~ Social
  • 9:45 ~ Shamanic Ritual / Soma
  • 10:15 ~ Ecstatic Dance / Self Expression
  • 11:55 ~ "New Years"
  • 12:01 ~ Ecstatic Dance / Self Expression
  • 1:00 ~ Sound Bath 
  • 1:30 ~ Gratitude and Closing

Come as you are and leave as an even better version of you.

~ ~ 💖 ~ ~ 

There are 22 places available.

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