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Democratizing Psychedelics: Why Community Should Lead The Way

The following journal entry was written by Michael Oliver of The Flying Sage. The Flying Sage is an online psychedelic centric community and there is a cost for membership. There also exists a free WhatsApp group of the same name. I have Michael’s permission to post this document here. I included this document here because …

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Vancouver Spirit Plant Medicine Conference

The 2020 VSPMC was an exceedingly interesting affair for anyone interested in how Spirit Plant psychedelic Medicine is being used to help 1,000s of people heal from all manner of physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual issues. Because of the pandemic, this year’s conference was hosted online via ZOOM. I was grateful that early-bird tickets, purchased …

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Medicine Hearth

Thank you

For deep personal reasons I walk the Medicine Path. My spiritual, emotional, and physical survival depends directly on my commitment to spiritual healing and the continuation of this journey. I offer these ceremonies as a service. And service is part and parcel of my path.   After many years of searching, reading, and practicing I …

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My Brain Is Broken

“You know dear, I am truly feeling better. Much better than I have for the past 50 years,” I said to my wife. “The depression and anxiety are all but completely gone!”   “Yes dear, you do appear to be much better,” she replied.   “But my brain is broken dear,” I continued. “I am …

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