Happiness Is a Choice

I was feeling ‘UP’. You know, Happy to be alive, good things were coming, great relationship to my Iranian partner, beautiful home, warm weather, no worries. I had just finished completing a task on the computer so I decided to lay back and stream something on Amazon Prime (yes, I like Prime :-). I had been watching the horror series ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ so, thought I, why not simply continue that!

By the time the episode was over my mood had completely changed. Any feelings of happiness I had were replaced by dread, depression, anxiety, etc. No longer was I happy to be alive, no longer did I appreciate my partner or my home, the beautiful weather became irrelevant, etc. Negativity had muscled its way into my emotional self and the feelings of JOY I experienced, not more than 1 hour before, had evaporated. My day became a write-off; I might as well go to bed or, spirits forbid, end it once and for all.

What is this?! I thought to myself. I was fascinated by the fact that I was entirely aware of the change in my feelings that had occurred in minutes. It was, as though, ‘I’ was separated from my mind and my body and able to witness my emotional state as a 3rd party. Although, they were ‘my’ emotions, I knew that I could manipulate them at will.

I set out to alter my negative emotional state into a positive one. I was determined not to feel ‘DOWN’. I was determined to reinstate my feelings of Happiness and JOY of life. But how? I looked around for tasks which would help me feel better; tasks which normally gave me JOY and take me out of my depressive and negative state of mind. I began to walk around the house and greet all of by beautiful plants; my cannabis babies (2 weeks old), the flowers I grew from seeds, the Begonias my wife purchased from Costco, the seedlings I planted in the front door pot for which I had to install a special LED grow light, etc. I tended to all these beautiful lifeforms …. spirits… feeding them,,, watering them… gently touching and nudging them along.

Honestly, my mood improved immediately! I was, again, basting in feelings of JOY, Love of Life, and Gratitude.

Happiness is a choice. You have the power to alter your negative state of mind, into a positive one. Beware, your mind is a trickster! Your mind will go where it wants to and can readily change your feelings of Happiness into dread and negativity. Feelings of anger, hate, fear, greed, jealousy, etc. are all part of your mind’s repertoire of emotional destruction.

If ‘YOU’ choose to relinquish control of your emotions to your mind and give it complete authority to dictate your mental state at will well, then, you may be doomed to live in fear and miserly. It falls to ‘YOU’ to exercise your ‘Happiness Muscle’. It falls to ‘YOU’ to change your state of mind.

I understand that you may not think that you possess the POWER to control your emotions in this way. But, you can!

It is via the INNER WORK that you will regain your sovereignty. find your strength, and become and remain Happy. It IS the most important work you will ever do. Please do not delay.

Connected in spirit ❤ Gray





















2 thoughts on “Happiness Is a Choice”

  1. Great post! You’re absolutely right. Personally, I need to rely heavily upon positive affirmation videos/audios that I have to keep repeating until I feel a shift within myself. Sometimes I listen to them from the moment I wake up, until bed. Listening to music is also always a good distraction for me and almost instantly gets me in a better mood. For some it’s getting out into nature to get their state of mind to shift (that’s never worked for me….I’m too scared of insects and stuff like that to fully relax in nature). To each his own, but it’s up to us to get out of our own mental funks somehow someway.

    Gray – your post came to me exactly when I needed it. I’m glad you felt called to write it and share it.
    Thank you!

    P.S.: you’re a damn good writer! 🙂

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