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3 Day Medicine Retreat

** In order to keep our individual costs down, we will be organizing car pools.  Welcome to this 3 day, 2 ceremony Medicine Retreat. The retreat will be held in a large and accommodating sacred space in Nature. The Master Plant Teacher (yage) will be offered to help guide you on your journey to non-ordinary …

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Curassow Lodge

Event Organization

Simple enough right?! Plan an event, set the date, pay for the venue, advertize, collect medical questionnaires, collect deposits, and cross your fingers that it happens. Yet, organizing an event is one of the most stressful components of the shamanic healing work I do. You see, I have no way of knowing whether the event …

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Spirit Plant Medicine – Social Tea Time

Spirit Plant Medicine is made from Nature. The resulting entheogen can help the participant produce mind manifested visions which, in turn, can help address physical, psychological, and emotional issues and connect with the spiritual realm.   In his book entitled ‘Psychedelic Healing – The Promise of Entheogens for Psychotherapy and Spiritual Development’ Dr. Goldsmith establishes …

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The Medicine Path – Rescheduled

    This is our primary Shamanic Healing event. Here, in a ceremonial meditation setting, we seek Psychological and Emotional healing thru Spiritual Experience. These noble goals can help pave the way to –   Relief from Depression, Anxiety, etc. a more authentic self a better relationships with yourself and others the attainment of Unconditional …

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