Master Plant Teacher – Meditation Ceremony


The spirit of mama Aya awaits

From 7:00 pm until 1 am Sunday Morning

At North Vancouver

Address will be provided to registrants

Exchange 200 (Deposit 100 per person)

Fall Equinox - September 22 @ 11:49pm

The powerful Master Plant Teacher, when taken in a traditional ritualistic setting, has the potential to be so illuminating that time seems to stand still, while one attempts to digest and understand all the information mama Aya has provided. Both profoundly healing and transformational, Yagé can, and often does, change lives.  

In this, our primary Shamanic Healing event, we seek Spiritual Enlightenment and Psychological and Emotional healing. Your participation in our traditional ceremonial setting can help pave the way to -

  • Relief from Depression, Anxiety, and Addiction
  • a sovereign and authentic self
  • better relationship with yourself and others
  • useful guidance on your life's path
  • the attainment of Unconditional Love and True Happiness
  • Oneness with the Universe

Ceremony Flow

  • Following the smudging of the space and the participants we will offer grounding exercises
  • A talk circle for introduction and intention sharing.
  • The Sacred Pipe Ceremony will be offered.
  • An introduction to Purposeful Ch'eng Meditation will be provided.
  • We will move into the night with the sacred medicine
  • Icaros, Sacred Healing sounds, and chanting are offered
  • Your helping spirits will join us in our quest for healing and enlightenment
  • At close of the ceremony, fresh cut fruit will be offered
  • An Integration Circle will be offered virtually via ZOOM a couple of days following the ceremony

Event Preparation:

Once your participation has been approved, you will be provided with preparation instructions. These instructions will help cleanse your mind, body, and spirit. 

The instructions will be simple enough -

  • complete unfinished tasks
  • pay you bills
  • make peace with your partner, your family and your friends
  • reduce the drama in your life

Adherence to these instructions will go a long way to ensuring that you have a positive and productive experience.

Event Registration:

Event registration is a multi step process. Following your registration, you may be contacted by the organizer and asked to provide some more information.

Please do not attempt to send your donation until specifically asked to by the organizer. There is no provision for making payment from this site.

When you have been accepted as a participant you will be asked for your donation (deposit) to reserve your seat for the event.

Connected in spirit ❤ gray bird

My intention is to heal myself. Peace is my direction, Love is my motivation, and Forgiveness is my offering . By providing this shamanic healing service, I give of myself .. my Love .. my compassion .. all that I am .. to you, my dear friends in my sincere hope of providing a beneficial healing journey.

There are 7 people coming.

There is one place available

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