‘What is Psychosis doing on the Planet?’ by Steven Morgan

A short time ago I informed you about a series of videos presented by the ‘PSYCHEDELICS, MADNESS, & AWAKENING: HARM REDUCTION AND FUTURE VISIONSgroup.


Although I have found some of these videos on the ‘dry’ and scientific side and, consequently, a bit difficult to understand, there are some which are never-the-less fascinating. New videos are being released every Saturday morning until sometime in April. In case you missed them, it is possible to view videos which were previously released.


The video I would like to share with you today is one of a group of 4 which was released on March 13. This group of videos is being referred to as ‘Panel 6’. This video, by Steven Morgan, is presented in easy to understand English, instead of what I will refer to as jargon-ese.


Steven eloquently relates the ‘consciousness’ of our planet to that of trees using mycelia or fungi (underground Internet) to communicate and/or transfer nutrients to each other. Steven goes on to suggest that all life on our planet, combined, creates a planetary consciousness and theorizes that Psychosis is a normal and necessary part of existence.


I hope that you enjoy this video much as I did –



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