The Power Of Gratitude

Your daily expression of Gratitude, for all of the blessings the Universe has provided, is one of many ways that you can create powerful healing energy for yourself. It is simple enough. Hmmm, lets try it now… “Thank you for ” –

  • my health
  • this food
  • my children
  • my partner
  • this life
  • sex
  • all the doctors and nurses
  • my ancestors
  • the trees, the grass, the flowers, the sun, the moon
  • air
  • water (I could go on)

Well.. you get the idea. Expressing Gratitude is reciprocity for all the beauty and abundance in everyone’s lives. It completes the circle and will net powerful positive healing energy in your life’s journey.

Only the heart can express Gratitude. Ego is not capable of thanking anyone for anything. Ego is too strong and independent. Ego is better then everything and is incapable of an empathetic thought.

Please understand this – As long as you are stuck in your ego you will be subject to all of the limitations thereof and true happiness will remain a fleeting concept.

I have added a recent episode of The Shamans Cave on this very subject.  Enjoy.

Love, Feliz



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