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Letting Go of Profound Loss




Everyone will experience profound loss in their life – this is natural, this is what it means to be human. We may lose a grandparent, a parent, a friend, a pet, or god forbid a child. We may lose the ability to hear, to see, to walk, to remember, we may lose our health. We may lose our home, or our savings, or our job. Any of these loses can be devastating, on many levels. Each of us is unique, each of us have a varying ability to process loss, let go of the associated emotional pain, and move on with our lives.


We are emotional beings of love and light, and sometime in our lives we will experience profound loss. Loss so devastating that we are no longer able to function ‘normally’ in the real world. We are not able to make good decisions for ourselves or for others, we are no longer able to keep to our natural daily rhythms. Natural rhythms which insure that we get the appropriate amount of exercise, the appropriate amount of restful sleep, the appropriate amount of nutrition, and can continue on, in light and in love.


The service of Letting Go of Profound Loss has a basic healing framework from which we begin. We will connect and communicate with the spirit of your loss. And, with the intention of dispelling all the heavy energy associated with the profound emptiness you feel, we will let go of this loss so that you can return to your inner Bright Spirit. whole, loving, and capable.


The service of Letting Go of Profound Loss can be held in your home or at a healing center in Coquitlam. Time allotted for this in-person service will be approximately 4 hours (including setup at beginning and packing at the end, constructive communications between patient and healer can occur during this time). In addition to the in-person healing session, there will be a preliminary virtual session of 30 – 60 minutes where we discuss your particular profound loss. To this we add a virtual follow-up session to discuss your progress.


The exchange for this service will be discussed during the preliminary session.


Please feel free to connect with me and ask whatever question(s) you might have.




Connected in spirit ❤ Gray

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