The Medicine Path – Maple Ridge

28 - 29Aug2021
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From 7:00 pm until 4:00 pm

At Maple Ridge

123 Anywhere St.,

Total of 280 (Deposit 180 per person)

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Event Description:


This will be our first 1 evening ceremony on Bowen and I am quite interested to see how we will manage the meals on the Sunday. The Bowen venue is wonderful space - a temple. Really an idea location to host a ceremony of this type. I look forward to sitting with you 🙂


This is our primary healing meditation event. Here we seek Psychological, Emotional, and Spiritual healing in a ceremonial meditation setting. Some participants may be so blessed as to attain spiritual enlightenment.  These noble goals can pave the way to better relationships with others, the attainment of Oneness with the Universe, and place the seed of love, peace, and forgiveness in your mind, body, and spirit.


The event will progress as follows:


Saturday Evening


  • To clear the participants and environment of negativity and bad spirits, the space and the participants will be smudged.
  • Dance (crazy movement)or brief stretching to help banish the stress monster 
  • A talk circle for introduction and intention sharing.
  • The Sacred Pipe Ceremony will be offered.
  • Your Sacred Healing Journey begins
  • An introduction to Purposeful Ch'eng Meditation will be provided.
  • Icaros, Sacred sounds, chanting, etc. will be offered to help guide you on your quest
  • your helping spirits will join us in our quest for healing and enlightenment  
  • Shamanic Healing will be offered, including the spirit of tobacco, rattles, bells, drum, and fresh essence of flowers with healing intention.
  • At close of the ceremony, fresh cut fruit will be offered
  • we will sleep in the comfort of the home


Following Day Time ...


  • a small breakfast will be offered
  • Integration circle
  • A small Despacho ceremony offered
  • A hot vegetarian lunch will be provided 
  • a couple of hours for sharing
  • Shamanic Healing /Journeying
  • leaving venue by 4pm




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Gray Bird is a shamanic practitioner, walks the Medicine Path, and has provided many years of ceremonial service. Among his teachers are - Grand Master Simon (White Tiger) , Don Luchio (Tamshiyacu, Peru), Angela Prider (White Bone) , Sandra Ingerman, Puma Singona, Blackfoot Elder Robert, the Tribal Lands I walk, Ram Dass, and all the spirits of nature. Gray attended a 3 year shamanic apprenticeship, travelled several times to the Amazon Jungle, and practiced the art of Kung Fu for many years. He was given his medicine name at a Wuachuma ceremony in Cusco (2019).



My intention is to heal myself. Peace is my direction, Love is my motivation, and Forgiveness is my offering . By providing this service to those who ask for it, I give of myself .. my Love .. my compassion .. all that I am .. to you, my dear friends.

Love yourself, Love others, Love all living things, Love all that is natural, and Love the Universe; for, we are all connected .. to every thing ... One - all that has ever been, all that is, and all that will ever be. Existence is a continuum .. no beginning .. no end. All that is and all that ever was will continue to be .. forever.


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