Bufo Alvarius – Ceremony for 4


A transcendent experience

From 5pm until 8pm

At North Vancouver

Edgemont Village

185 (Deposit 100 per person)

feliz / feliz@spiritquest.ca

The 5-MEO-DMT experience has been described as mystical and transcendent; a swim in the abyss. a visit to the abode of voidness, "Beyond words", Experiential knowledge.


In a calm and safe environment we will participate in a full Bufo Alvarius ceremony. We will observe best practices of the 3 dose protocol - 

  • Handshake (2-3mg)
  • Hug (4-7mg)
  • Holy Rebirth (8-12mg)

This practice will allow us to tailor the medicine dose to your particular needs while adhering to strict safety protocol.



Ceremony Flow -

  • We will open the medicine circle with an introduction from each participant and a brief account of your intention for this ceremony.
  • a sacred pipe ceremony will be offered
  • we will offer a brief discussion of confidentiality, touch, and dosage. 
  • Guided Mediation will be offered – Love, Surrender, and Trust
  • the medicine is offered, while the others help to hold space and keep you safe.
  • Continue until all participants have taken their 1st dose of the medicine
  • Then, onto the next dose. And so on until everyone has taken all three doses

Unlike an Ayahuasca ceremony, the sound and music offered during a Toad Venom experience must be airy and free of any strong beats; minimal or no drumming.

Side effects may include -

  • Ego dissolution
  • Death of fear
  • Enlightenment
  • Reconnection
  • Unconditional Love

Although we cannot know how you will react to the 5-MEO-DMT medicine, one thing is clear - this will be an awesome experience.   

love, feliz

~ ~ 💖 ~ ~ 

There are 4 people coming.

There is one place available

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