Venus is her medicine name

People come to us from many roads in life and will travel many roads in life when they leave us; we are but a single step on a journey to psychological health and spiritual maturity. Since I began this work, in 2014, I have had many assistants, both male and female. Assistants who have done their very best to help you on your respective healing journeys. With experience, I discovered that the best assistant would be an empathetic and compassionate female who possesses sufficient experience with the ritual, the ceremony, and the medicine. Female because I am male and some participants will identify with a male and other participants will identify with a female facilitator during their journey.

I believe that I first met Venus sometime in 2017, as she was beginning her journey with the medicine. After attending many ceremonies she began volunteering for the position of assistant. A beautiful being of love and light, Venus could always be counted on to help participants navigate difficult waters while looking after their ceremonial needs. As you can well imagine, knowing that the needs of the participants would be met provided me with a great level of comfort and peace during this difficult work. Venus really is a perfect fit.

I hope that Venus will be sitting with us again sometime soon. Until then she is becoming busy with her own spiritual work. And, we all wish her well.

We love you Venus, may your spiritual road be lined with peace, love, and forgiveness


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