Dear Friend,

Thank you so much for attending the Ceremonial Evening with us.  Below are some ways you can care for yourself and continue learning with our beautiful Teacher.

When you return home ensure that you are returning to a place where you can rest and relax for the rest of the day and into the evening.

Here are some options that may resonate with you and which can help you to integrate your experience:

  • spend time outside in Nature where you can lay on the Earth for grounding.
  • find a quiet space inside and take some time for meditation
  • practice yoga as a way of integrating the experience through your body
  • journal anything you can remember about your experience.  If you cannot remember much this is OK because your experience is within you and you will remember what you need when the time is right. Remember that some of what comes up in the meditation can be part of the cleanse and so it is OK to let it go and not attach.

Be mindful and discerning about who you share your experience with. When we share our experience, we become vulnerable, and so it is your responsibility to discern who and what you share. You may also like to check in with yourself about your intention of sharing. Sharing with a loved one can increase the intimacy and enhance a relationship, however, sometimes our ego becomes attached to the experience, and so sharing it actually gives energy to the ego and can take away from the sacredness of the work.

It is also critical that you remember the sacred confidentiality we have agreed to and not reveal the names of other participants, facilitators and location.

It may be supportive for you to continue with your diet for another 3-4 days and drink plenty of gentle fluids, and follow the suggestions of no alcohol, pork or sex.

Many people find that once they have been introduced to this work, they need to be discerning and mindful of where and how they interact with other plants and substances. Some people also find they become more sensitive to energy and this can show up in the foods they eat and whether the food has a heavier or more refined energy. So continue to listen and care for your body and soul by following through on your changes.

Sometimes as we go more deeply within, old unhelpful behaviors can come up as a way of coping with vulnerability. Be mindful of this, and find other helpful, loving ways to support yourself through.

If you practice Shamanic Journeying or meditation, you may find this helps to deepen and integrate the experience, as well as aid in developing your relationship with our Teacher. In your journeys, you can return back into your experience and ask to be taken to anything that may feel incomplete or which would like to deepen. Some examples of intentions:

  • ask for a healing
  • ask Her how to let go of a specific situation or experience
  • ask to be shown the lesson within anything you may have experienced in the meditation

If you do not practice meditation, remember that you have a connection with Her now and so at any time in your daily life, you can go within for that connection and to receive wisdom. Open your heart to subtle changes in your life, unexpected ‘gifts’ from the Universe and positive emotional and/or psychological patterns.

We say that the ceremony is 25% and the digestion and integration is 75%! Remember what you have been taught in the circle and try to apply it in your daily life as much as you can. You might find you are able to do this a little here and there, but continue to practice and bring your awareness to life situations while observing your reactions. Be gentle with yourself – always returning to the present and your breath just as we did in the circle. This way, you will grow and blossom and learn more about being a human being.

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