How Beautiful the experience



I am close to a month post Ceremony and I must say the integration has been both powerful & beautiful. I have spoken to my trusted partner & my sister several times, I have journaled like I have not journaled before. It is an amazing ride. Momma expressed with such grace and reverence. She showed uniquely the attachments, the places where one holds or slows their progression, the unique love, acceptance & compassion as one moves through this journey, even in the holding. She expressed quite clearly healing is already here, already present. She also expressed clearly multigenerational and or ancestral wounding too can be healed and is available through choice. She expressed with deep wisdom both during Ceremony and after. What I found particularly helpful was the expert guidance, music, Icaros, instruments, healing and holding of our leader. The holding of our genuine sharing of space both with our sitter and with each of you. I felt a connection with each of you, a connection of vulnerability, exploration, openness, trust and unity. For me the experience still reverberates with such energy, a vibration of connection and unity. I cannot thank you enough, each of you. All my relations, Dawn

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  1. Thank you for your heart-felt update regarding your experience at the Island retreat dear.

    It was a great pleasure to host this event on your behalf; you are a treasured spirit

    love, feliz

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