The Medicine Path – Calgary (Retreat 1)

17 - 19Jun2022

Mama Aya awaits your presence.

From Friday 7:00 pm until Sunday 12:00 pm

At Residence

Calgary address will be provided to registered participants

700 (Deposit 350 per person)

Feliz /

Event Description:


Welcome to this 3 day, 2 evening shamanic healing event which will be held in a large and accommodating sacred and spiritual space. The Master Plant Teacher will help guide you on your journey to non-ordinary realms to navigate the deepest catacombs of our consciousness. It has been clearly demonstrated that individual progress on your healing path can be significantly improved by attending a 3 day retreat, rather than a single evening ceremony only. The proximity to nature is bound to please the heart as much as it will please the spirit.


This is our primary healing meditation event. Here we seek Psychological, Emotional, and Spiritual healing in a ceremonial meditation setting. Some participants may be so blessed as to attain spiritual enlightenment.  These noble goals can pave the way to better relationships with others, the attainment of Oneness with the Universe, and place the seed of love, peace, and forgiveness in your heart, mind, and spirit.


The event will progress as follows:


Evening 1


  • Fresh mint and ginger tea will be served. This blend can help participants with any nausea they might experience during their journey.
  • To clear the participants and environment of negativity and bad spirits, the space and the participants will be smudged.
  • Dance (crazy movement) to help banish the stress monster 
  • A talk circle for introduction and intention sharing.
  • The Sacred Pipe Ceremony will be offered.
  • Your Sacred Healing Journey begins
  • The spirit of Mama Aya will be present
  • An introduction to Purposeful Ch'eng Meditation will be provided.
  • Icaros, Sacred sounds, chanting, etc. will be offered to help guide you on your quest
  • Shamanic Healing will be offered, including the spirit of tobacco, rattles, bells, drum, and fresh essence of flowers with healing intention.
  • At close of the ceremony, fresh cut fruit will be offered
  • After the ceremony, participants will be encouraged to share their experience with other participants at our integration circle.
  • we will sleep in the comfort of the venue


Day 2


  • breakfast will be offered
  • Despacito ceremony will be offered
  • Integration circle
  • A hot lunch will be provided 
  • Meditation
  • a few hours to ourselves


Night 2


  • anther beautiful medicine ceremony
  • we will sleep in the comfort of the venue


Day 3


  • a small Breakfast will be offered
  • Integration
  • we will have to be out of the venue by 11am




Event registration is a multi step process. Following your registration, you may be contacted by the organizer and asked to provide some more information.


Please do not attempt to send your donation until specifically asked to by the organizer. There is no provision for making payment from this site.


When you have been accepted as a participant you will be asked for your donation to reserve your seat for the event.



My intention is to heal myself. Peace is my direction, Love is my motivation, and Forgiveness is my offering . By providing this service to those who ask for it, I give of myself .. my Love .. my compassion .. all that I am .. to you, my dear friends.

Love yourself, Love others, Love all living things, Love all that is natural, and Love the Universe; for, we are all connected .. to everything ... One - all that has ever been, all that is, and all that will ever be. Existence is a continuum .. no beginning .. no end. All that is and all that ever was will continue to be.. forever.


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