Free Spirit Plant Medicine Talk – In Person


From 10am until 11:30am

At JJ Bean - Park and Tilford Gardens

333 Brooksbank Ave, North Vancouver,

gray bird /

I would love to share my experiences and knowledge of these miraculous plants with you and cordially invite you to join me for a Free Spirit Plant Medicine (SPM) Talk.

Spirit Plant Medicine is a sub-class of Natural medicines (occurring in Nature) which have the ability to assist in generating mind manifested visions and accessing deep non-ordinary states of consciousness which can help us overcome PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, and a host of other emotional and psychological disorders. Further, these plants can help us attain spiritual enlightenment and become authentic sovereign beings of light.

We will be meeting at JJ Bean, adjacent to Park and Tilford Gardens, in North Vancouver. JJ Bean has GREAT coffees and a host of other assorted eats and drinks.

Grab a cup of something and join us for an open discussion of all things psychedelic healing, 'trip reports', integration, ceremonial events, natural and synthetic entheogenic substances, etc.

I would sincerely like to know how you are and how you are coping, what you might be doing to support your own healing and/or spiritual path, and what your plans are for the future? Lets get together and talk about past and future medicine ceremonies and all things psychedelic.

I look forward to sitting with you.

Connected in spirit ♡ gray

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