How Spirit Plant Medicine Can Change Your Life


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This is a FREE online discussion regarding natural psychedelic medicine and how it can be used to provide benefits of Spiritual Enlightenment and Healing from psychological and emotional illness. This Power Point presentation dives head first into the quagmire of psychedelics and provides some reveling insight for anyone thinking of  participating in a psychedelic experience; examining not only the benefits but also the risks of doing so.

Spirit Plant Medicine can help pave the way to -

  • Relief from Depression, Anxiety, and addictions

  • a sovereign and authentic self

  • better relationship with yourself and others

  • useful guidance on your life's path

  • the attainment of Unconditional Love and True Happiness

  • Oneness with the Universe

(take it from someone who knows)

It is not so very long ago when raising the subject of mental health was considered taboo. As recent as 30 years ago, if you dared to talk about your own adverse mental health condition(s) you would likely become the subject of ridicule and reprisal. You could lose your friends, you could lose your job, or worse. Thankfully, the mind of society has grown to a place where it has become 'safe' to discuss your psychological and emotional difficulties with your family, friends, and co-workers.

With the goal of reaching peace, love, authenticity, and freedom from adverse psychological and emotional conditions we are referred to a host of healing modalities; Yoga, Therapy, Ceremony, Shamanic Practice, Meditation, Psychoanalyses, Spirit Plant Medicine (entheogens), sound therapy, Pharmaceuticals, Mindfulness, etc. the list goes on.

Please consider joining me for this free talk. A talk which could very well change your life.

I look forward to sitting with you.

Connected in spirit ♡ gray bird /

* * *

In an effort to heal from debilitating PTSD, Depression, and Anxiety Disorder, gray set out on a spiritual healing journey which began in 1970. A practicing shaman, gray bird received his medicine name at a Huachuma ceremony outside of Cusco in 2019.

gray is a shamanic practitioner who has practiced Kung Fu for many years, made 3 excursions to the Amazon Jungle to sit with the village healer, and participated in a 3 year Shamanic Apprenticeship. Gray helps others find their authenticity and relief from a host of adverse psychological and emotional difficulties.

Teachers include Angela Prider (White Bone Shamanism), Grand Master Simon (White Tiger), Elder Robert, Sandra Ingerman, Puma Singona, Ram Das, and all the spirits of nature.

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