Shamanic Healing Ceremony – Letting Go


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Letting go ...

If you are like me, you are carrying around a sizable pile of difficult-to-process baggage. The summation of a lifetime of heavy vibrational s**t which has placed a heavy burden on your otherwise sensitive nature.

In this Shamanic Healing Journey we will practice 'Letting go'. Letting go of years of accumulated crap which has so hampered your inalienable right to a Happy and Loving life that you find yourself stuck. Releasing the heavy vibrational s**t, which has accumulated and has created a insurmountable wall between you and your emotional, psychological, and spiritual well-being, may be one of the most important things you will ever do.

This event is cannabis friendly.

In English, 'dream' and 'nightmare' are words used to describe psychological activity which takes place while we sleep. 'Dream' being the more generic term and 'nightmare' referring to frightening versions of same.

Did you know that there is no corresponding word for 'nightmare' In Quechuan, the language of the indigenous people of the Andes? What does this tell us? Simply, this tells us that there is no differentiation between pleasant and frightening dreams; they are just dreams. Similarly, there are no good or bad experiences, they are just experiences; there to be processed by our inquiring heart, mind, and spirit.

We all live. We all have dreams and experiences. We are all blessed with high vibrational feelings of Joy and Love and we all suffer from low vibrational feelings of hate, anger, fear, grief, etc.

We all carry memories of events which have transpired. Be they joyful or painful, be they loving or wroth with hatred, be they filled with peace or filled with conflict. These memories carry with them all of the emotional baggage which was generated at the time of origin.

Grand Master Simon used to begin each session in purposeful meditation with a short talk about how our mind is analogous to a garden. Where the fertile soil of a garden will happily grow any plant with great vigor and abandonment, never passing judgement over the species. So, too, will the fertile mind grow any THOUGHT, positive and loving or negative and hateful, without judgement.

I can still hear the Grand Master saying, "The mind does not differentiate between that which is real and that which is imagined."

Are you carrying memories which have power over you? Memories which you are not able to process, not able to forgive or forget? Memories which are not serving you yet are a constant source of heavy energy? Memories which are a source of anger or grief or guilt or shame or other negative emotion?

Memories keep us locked into the past and make it impossible to enjoy the present. True happiness is not possible while these memories are 'at play' and continue to have power over us.

Letting Go... A guided shamanic ceremony where you will have the opportunity to journey to non-ordinary world(s) and Let Go of this heavy low-vibrational baggage once and for all.

Thank you ♡ Connected in spirit, Gray

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