Shamanic Healing Ceremony – Forgiving


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From 4:00 pm until 6:00 pm


gray bird

We have all felt it, that all-consuming anger towards someone who has hurt us, who has disrespected us. The emotional pain, which is often the result of these transgressions, can take the form of shame, anger, sadness, hurt, resentment, or depression. Yet, the simple but seemingly impossible solution is always the same - forgiving.


Let's begin with this simple yet powerful concept - There is nothing 'outside of us'. IT IS ALL, simply, a projection of our inner state of consciousness. Thus we proceed with the understanding that it is, therefor, our responsibility to embody the principals of Love and Forgiving into our own core beingness. For us to receive the benefits we must do the work. No one can do this work for us.

This event is cannabis friendly.

One of the core principals of shamanism is that we each have a soul. The soul is also our essence, our life force, and our vitality. And, we can lose a piece of our soul by various means, such as trauma. Our soul is invariably connected to others because we go through life (unknowingly) giving pieces of our soul away while we steal pieces of their soul for ourselves.

When we do not forgive someone in need we are, in actuality, stealing a piece of their soul. When you are unable to forgive someone then you are holding on to a piece of their soul, their life force, their vitality. You are not only hurting them but, you remain connected to the very people you want to let go of. You want this person as far away from you as possible and yet they are always right on your shoulder because you have taken a piece of their soul.

"Even though you are right, righteousness ultimately starves you to death. Righteousness is not liberation. It is known as the golden chain. You’re wonderful and you’re absolutely right, but you’re dead. I mean you’re dead to the living spirit. And finally, you want to be free more than you want to be right. And you have to forgive somebody not because they deserve forgiveness within your other model, in a righteous sense." Ram Dass

Still, forgiveness is 'tricky' because we cannot force forgiveness. Forgiveness must come with its own timing. In the meantime we are tied, soul-to-soul, with every person we cannot forgive.

By consciously forgiving the person you are returning that piece of their soul that you stole back to them. This helps to make them whole again while it helps you to reopen your closed heart.

To be clear, you are not providing impunity when you open your heart in this way. You are not making it right, all of the sudden.

"This was not right, how I was treated, I did not deserve to be treated in this way. But, the hurt that I felt has brought me to a place of compassion for myself and for others because I now know what it feels like to be that broken." Sandra Ingerman

In this Shamanic Healing Journey we will practice 'Forgiving'.

Thank you ♡ Connected in spirit, Gray

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