Shamanic Cannabis Ceremony – Online and Free


Cannabis has been used as Entheogen for over 4000 years

From 3 pm until 6:00 pm

At Online via ZOOM

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After much deliberation, I have decided to host an online event, instead of an in-person ceremony. I am deeply concerned about the increase in the numbers of infections of late and felt that it is my duty to set a good example.


Please Note that the use of Cannabis is entirely optional. You may use Cacao (available at Whole Foods stores and Eternal Abundance on Commercial drive) or any other entheogen - or, nothing at all 🙂


Introduction -

It is estimated that cannabis has been used as an entheogen for over 4000 years. In this Shamanic Cannabis Ceremony, we will participate in the Entheogenic use of this medicine for the purpose of connecting with spirit.

What you will experience -

The Sacred Pipe Ceremony

Breathing and Somatic exercise

Journey to non-ordinary reality to connect with spirit

Live Icaros from the Amazon and

Mantras from the East

Acoustic Sound Medicine

Joyous Release through Movement

(and perhaps a little bliss...)

The Medicine -

You may take the cannabis either by smoking it or orally. Time will be allotted during the ceremony (after prayers) for everyone to smoke their medicine. If you chose to take the sacred plant orally (THC oil or other edibles) then I recommend that you do so approximately 30 minutes before the ceremony begins. If possible, please abstain from taking the medicine for at least 2 days before the event.

You should know your own limitations in this regard. As a general rule, I recommend no more than 5mg of THC be taken for this purpose - you will want to remain fully cognizant throughout.

Although the use cannabis is optional , a small amount will significantly improve your chances of connecting with spirit.

The Mechanics - Your private sacred space

Find a quiet location in your home where you will not be interrupted for the duration of the event (3 hours) and prepare this space as would be appropriate for a spiritual ceremony - e.g.

create a mesa or alter for candles and sacred objects
prepare your personal space for comfort
have a suitable surface on which to place your computer
have some water available for drinking during the ceremony

The Conduit -

This ceremony will be conducted online using the ZOOM application. 

The link to the online ceremony will be attached to event and a password will be emailed to all those who have RSVPed their intention to attend.


Flow of the ceremony -


Please, be prepared to limit your absence from the ceremony. It is very important that you stay for the duration of the event as this will provide you with the most benefit.

After prayers to teachers and spirits and the (virtual) smudging of and the participants, there will be time for a quick introduction from everyone. We will smoke the medicine and begin with some breathing and somatic exercise. This will be followed by your first guided shamanic journey.

Icaros from the Amazon, mantras from the East, and First Nations spiritual drumming and chanting will be offered. In addition, various acoustic instruments will be used to create a sound bath.

Upon the close of the ceremony we will share our experience in an integration circle.

Finally -

The practice of the Dieta, Meditation, and Spiritual Ceremonies are your path to emotional, psychological, physical, and spiritual healing; to become truly sovereign and authentic.

It is my sincere hope that this Ceremony will help you walk your Healing and Spiritual path by providing a direct connection to nature and spirit.

Love, Gray Bird

★ ° . . . ☾ °☆ . PEACE * ● ¸ . ★ ° :. . • LOVE ○ ° ★ . * . . ° . ● . ° ☾ °☆ FORGIVENESS¸. ●


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