Santa Maria (cannabis) Ceremony


Your animal, teacher, and guardian spirits await...

From 5 pm until 8 pm

At Oasis Wellness Centre - Coquitlam

111 Austin Ave, Unit 2, Coquitlam

exchange 45 (Deposit 10 per person)

gray bird



This, our inaugural Santa Maria Ceremony, will be offered with reverence to the spirits who provided the impetus and framework in a vision. 'I' will step aside to let the spirits work through me so that only their light and pure healing intention can shine through. This is sure to be a most amazing spiritual healing journey.


Exchange - 45


You may have tried cannabis recreationally but, did you know that Santa Maria is a Spirit Plant Medicine which has been used in indigenous cultures as an aid to attaining spiritual connection and healing for thousands of years?


In this ceremonial setting, you will experience Santa Maria as the powerful healing spirit that she is. You will witness first-hand how she gently dissolves your ego to break free of your earthly attachments and make way for your journey to non-ordinary realms, where you can share your intention with you helping spirits.


** Because we are still in the throes of the pandemic, everyone will be offered their own medicine.


Ceremony Flow -

  • Welcome and intention sharing

  • Smudging of the space and guests

  • Acknowledgements to teachers and spirits

  • Ceremony Begin

  • everyone gets their own Santa Maria doobie

  • grounding exercises (mindfulness, meditation, etc.)

  • sacred pipe ceremony

  • non-ordinary reality journey

  • Sound bath

  • non-ordinary reality journey

  • Sound bath

  • Ceremony End - Simple snack

  • Integration Circle


An important aspect of the experience of Santa Maria is the dedication and care which went into her cultivation, harvesting, and storage. As with any profit centric business industry, the legalization of this herb has created a massive 'machine' which produces enormous volumes of pot for the hungry consumer. For the most part, the small farmers of this sacred herb have given way to industry giants who have managed to, unconsciously or not, cultivate out the spirit of Santa Maria and replace her with numbers; THC %, CBD %, yield, etc. Big industry has replaced the love and mindful cultivation which used to go into most small grows with modern technology, cheap synthetic nutrients, massive scale, and forced speed and production.


I have taken up the art of growing my own herb and take very seriously the importance of adhering to the traditional farming practice of growing organically, in small batches, and in soil using fabric pots. I use a beneficial bacteria compost tea and natural nutrients for the feedings. The water I use is chlorine free and the light source is LEDs. I sing Icaros and mantras to my spiritual friends so as to infuse them with love and compassion. I do not use any machinery and trim the buds by hand (farmer trim), and I cure the finished product in jars for several weeks.


A light snack will be offered at the close of the ceremony when we will all have an opportunity to share our experience with everyone.


Thank you ,


Connected in spirit ❤ Gray

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