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Cannabis has been used as Entheogen for 4000 years

From 2 pm until 5

At * ONLINE Via Zoom

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Introduction -


It is estimated that cannabis has been used as an entheogen as far back as 2000 BC. In this  Shamanic Cannabis Ceremony, we will participate in the Entheogenic use of Cannabis for the purpose of connecting with spirit.  

Please note - the use cannabis is optional. I have practiced shamanic journeying many, times without the need for any entheogen. However, by using a small amount of cannabis you will significantly simply your effort and improve your chances of connecting with spirit.


What you will experience -

The Sacred Pipe Ceremony
Breathing and Somatic exercise
Journey to non-ordinary realities
Live Icaros from the Amazon and
Mantras from the East
Acoustic Sound Medicine
Joyous Release through Movement
(and perhaps a little bliss...)


How to take the Cannabis -

You may take the cannabis either by smoking it or orally. Time will be allotted during the ceremony (after prayers) for everyone to smoke their Cannabis. If you chose to take the sacred plant orally (THC oil or other edibles) then I recommend that you do so approximately 10 minutes before the ceremony begins. It will take about 30 minutes before you will begin to feel the effects of the plant.

You should know your own limitations with regard to the amount of product you will need for this ceremony. I recommend no more than 5mg of THC be taken for this purpose. However, some of you may use Cannabis regularly and your tolerance might be high - pls consume accordingly. You will be safe in your own sacred space for at lease 3 hours - this should be plenty of time for the effects to wear off.


How to prepare your private sacred space -

Find a location in your home where you will not be interrupted for the duration of the event - someplace quiet. Prepare this space as would be appropriate for a spiritual ceremony - e.g.

  • create a mesa or alter for candles and sacred objects
  • prepare your personal space by making this comfortable to lie for several hours 
  • have a suitable surface on which to place your computer
  • have some water available for drinking during the ceremony
  • have some snacks available for the end of the event 

Your computer, your video, and your audio -

I strongly recommend that every person participating in this event register and use their own computer and audio equipment. I will need to address each of you individually before, during, and after the ceremony. This will provide the most benefit to each and every one of you.

The quality of your audio will be exceedingly important. As I will not be physically present for your journey, it will the the audio which will guide you for most of your experience . Traditionally, a separate mic and speaker has not been the best option when teleconferencing as they can pick up extraneous noises and create feedback. Better would be the use of a headset (mic and headphone) or, simply a headphone or earplugs. Please use your own judgement.

With regards to the video component - most any size of screen will suffice. 

Most any computer or smart phone should suffice for this purpose.


How to connect to the event -

This ceremony will be conducted online using the ZOOM application. Please ensure that you have created a ZOOM account (free) before the beginning of the ceremony . You may create your FREE zoom account here -

Approximate 5 minutes before the ceremony start time, you will receive an email with a link to the online ceremony. Just click on the link and you should be taken to the appropriate web page. A  small applet may download and install during this time, this is normal.

Please send me an email ( if you have trouble connecting to the online event.


Flow of the ceremony -

It is very important that you stay for the duration of the ceremony. Naturally, you can leave the sacred space to go to the bathroom; however, you should absolutely limit your absence from the ceremony. Please organize your life so that you will not be interrupted. This will provide you with the most benefit from your attendance and, this will give me some assurance that your body will be safe during your journey . 

After prayers to spirit and the (virtual) smudging the participants, there will be time for a quick introduction from everyone. We will smoke the Sacred Cannabis and begin our guided shamanic journey immediately thereafter.

Icaros from the Amazon, mantras from the East, and First Nations spiritual drumming and chanting will be offered. In addition, various acoustic instruments will be used to create a sound bath. 

Upon the close of the ceremony we will enjoy a light snack while we share our experience in an integration circle.


What to 'bring' -

  • loose and comfortable clothing
  • something soft to lay on (mat)
  • a pillow, and a blanket
  • A bandanna or other cover for your eyes is helpful

How to Prepare -

It is very advantageous to prepare yourself ; emotionally, physically, psychologically, and spiritually for this, and any other spiritual ceremony. Here are some tips which will help - 

  • Arrange things so that you will not be interrupted
  • Minimize the drama in your life
  • Complete pending tasks
  • Eat a light meal in the afternoon as Cacao will absorb better on an empty stomach
  • Lay off the caffeinated beverages
  • Walk in nature and collect an object (stone or stick) to bring with you


Finally -

It is my sincere hope that this Shamanic Cannabis Ceremony will help you on your Medicine Path by providing a connection to nature and spirit . The practice of the Dieta, meditation, and participation in spiritual ceremonies can be an exceedingly grounding and a spiritual force.

Love, Feliz

★ ° . . . ☾ °☆ . PEACE * ● ¸ . ★ ° :. . • LOVE ○ ° ★ . * . . ° . ● . ° ☾ °☆ FORGIVENESS¸. ●

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