HeraVayu* – Cacao Ceremony and Liberated Movement


Liberated Movement

From 6pm until 11pm

At North Vancouver

$45 - $65 sliding scale

Feliz / feliz@spiritquest.ca



Tickets Sliding scale $45 or $65 

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Spiritquest is excited to invite you to our spiritual healing event. This event is open to anyone interested in welcoming the Spring Solstice [3:07 UTC March 20th] in an expansive and intentional way. Prepare for an incredibly activate dance floor.  

We will create a strong, sacred, and save container to celebrate the emergence of your truest expression. During our Liberated Movement we will maintain a silent and phone-free dance-floor so that those dancing can truly drop in with one another through movement.

In our Cacao Ceremony we will focus on 'letting go'. Letting go of years of accumulated heavy vibrational s**t, which has accumulated and has created a wall between you and your emotional, psychological, and spiritual well-being.

Memories keep us locked into the past and make it impossible to enjoy the present.

“Turning the Wheel”

Spring is a time of rebirth; the days are getting longer and warmer, babies are born, seeds sprout, and leaves begin to form. Pachamama is in full swing, bursting with new life!

The Universe works in circles and spirals, the spinning of the Earth on its axis, which brings about the cycles or day and night, the moon and seasons. Many ancient traditions have their medicine wheel based on the land, where they were living. Although the Native American Medicine Wheel is the best known, the Celtic Medicine Wheel relates to the elements, seasons, trees, animals, and wisdom of the land.

Celtic Medicine Wheel

Celebrating any of the four directions of the Celtic Medicine Wheel helps us to find guidance and healing. By participating in Breathwork and Liberated Movement we experience deeper exploration and the calling on the wisdom of the trees. The trees are the knowledge and medicine keepers, many have properties for healing, divination, protection, and more. As they are deeply connected to the cycles of the earth, they can teach us how to stay grounded yet adaptable to the cycles of life.

"Gratitude is powerful medicine!"

You will experience -

  • guided breathwork
  • Special Organic Cacao (Soma)
  • Spirit Journey
  • Self-Expression through Liberated Movement
  • Social

Lets raise our vibrations together with this fun evening of movement, music and magic.

Finger food and (non-alcoholic) drinks will be provided.

Wise Woman Faye and Shaman Gray Bird will collaborate to offer Breathwork, Spirit Journey, Shamanic Ritual, Soma, and Liberated Movement to create a potent portal for rapid transformation and deep connection to help transmute the mundane into unlimited possibilities.

Come as you are and leave as an even better version of you.

~ ~ 💖 ~ ~

*The name HeraVayu was derived from; Hera who is the Goddess of the air and breath and Vayu which was closely associated with the King of the Gods, born from the breath of the supreme being, and the first one to drink Soma.

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