Entheogenic Medicine Talk and Integration


Entheogens, a new hope for mankind

From 3 pm until 5 pm

At Food Court South East corner, Main Level

123 Carrie Cates Ct.

Feliz / feliz@spiritquest.ca



I do monthly talks on Spirit Plant Medicine. This is also an excellent opportunity to discuss anything related to a ceremony you have attended; those uninitiated in the unique power of Plant Medicine will be mesmerized. 

A generic definition of ‘Plant Medicine’ is any homeopathic remedy created with the aid of naturally occurring plants to assist the body, mind, and/or spirit to heal. In the circles which I frequent, we think of (Spirit) Plant Medicine, more specifically, as naturally occurring entheogens which provide a possibility of attaining some level of connection with spirit while healing us from all manner of physical and psychological ailments. An excellent example is the ancient medicine of the rain forest, Ayahuasca, which has helped innumerable people worldwide to overcome their addictions, to rid their bodies of parasites, to cure their depression and anxieties, to grow to be more authentic beings, to attain spiritual enlightenment, and to discover Peace, Love, and Forgiveness in all things.

I love to talk about my own spiritual growth, and the healing which resulted therein, to anyone eager to listen. I still have much work to do on my own spiritual path; a path with many twists and obstacles, a path with no destination. Peace, Love, and Forgiveness ... a journey to self.

Love, Feliz

P.S. There are many tables and chairs and we have to take what we get so, we are never in the same place. Usually, we are sitting in the lower portion of the court somewhere against the windows on the East side. I will be wearing white clothing and a straw hat. I will place a sign on the table.

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