Spirit Plant Medicine and Psychedelic Healing – Social Tea Time


Entheogens, a new hope for mankind

From 1 pm until 2:30 pm

At ZOOM - https://us02web.zoom.us/j/6383480117

Feliz / feliz@spiritquest.ca

Spirit Plant Medicine (SPM) has been used by healers in indigenous cultures for 1,000s of years. Not for pleasure but, rather, to heal the mind, the heart, and the spirit of the people and to access the spirit realm to ask spirit for guidance and information.

Plant Medicine is made from Nature and is used to treat humans and animals for various ailments. It is natural medicine, as opposed to a chemical or pharmaceutical created in a lab.

Similarly, SPM is also made from Nature; however, the resulting medicine is an entheogen which can help produce mind manifested visions in the participant. These visions can help the participant address physical, psychological, and emotional illnesses and connect with the spiritual realm.

Mainstream psycho-therapy understands that a success rate of 20%, in an individual, represents a good day's work. Whereas, we can expect a success rate of better than 60% when SPM is used in conjunction with modern psycho-therapy. These are statistics which, simply, can no longer be ignored and is precisely the reason for the renaissance of Psychedelic Therapy.

What did the indigenous healers of the world know which has eluded the modern society for hundreds of years?

Some examples of SPM -

Bufo (toad, not a plant)
Ayahuasca (admixture)
Psilocybin Mushrooms
Belladonna (nightshade)
Peyote (endangered)
Iboga (endangered African shrub)
Morning Glory (seeds)

Like any other medicine, SPM or Psychedelic Medicine have risks and they have benefits. When used in a responsible way, SPM can and has helped tens of thousands of people recover from PTSD and minimize or completely eradicate the effects of depression, anxiety, and a host of other psychological, emotional, and spiritual difficulties.

To help keep the meeting organized and productive, I will begin with a short Power Point presentation.

Grab a cup of tea or coffee and join us for an open discussion of all things Psychedelic Healing, 'trip reports', integration, therapy, micro dosing, ceremonial events, natural and synthetic entheogenic substances, etc.

"A safe place to talk about all things Psychedelic Healing."

I look forward to sitting with you.

Thank you ♡ Connected in spirit, Feliz

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