Oneness – A Healing Journey to Devine Alignment


Your animal, teacher, and guardian spirits await...

From 3 pm until 5 pm


gray bird


Shamanic Healing Ceremony


These Shamanic Healing Ceremonies are offered to help you navigate the integration of your experiences whist in non-ordinary realms into your everyday life.


"In many traditions, healing is said to occur when you raise your vibration into Devine Alignment. According to the Law of Attraction, healing must occur if your vibration matches it." Snatam Kaur


In this traditional ceremonial setting, we will raise our vibration, with sacred sound, song, and spirit journeys.


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In modern society, it can be difficult to 'turn off the noise'; social media, TV, friends, Telephones, co-workers, everybody and everything seams to be talking at us. We meditate with varying success. Our sleep is often interrupted with busy unhealthy thoughts. Peace can be a fleeting concept.


Spirit Plant Medicine Friendly


The adjunct of sacred medicine can help you to reach your goal of the peace and serenity which is needed to achieve divine alignment. Consumption of the medicine is optional.


"It is not about the medicine, it is about the journey." gray


No previous experience necessary


Ceremony Flow -

  • Welcome and intention sharing

  • Smudging of the space and guests

  • Acknowledgements to teachers and spirits

  • sacred pipe ceremony offered

  • grounding exercises (mindfulness, meditation, etc.)

  • Spirit Journey / Sound bath

  • Spirit Journey / Sound bath

  • dance - shake it up!

  • End Ceremony

  • Integration Circle

The Medicine - Raw Cacao contains a psychoactive ingredient called theobromine, which translates to “food of the Gods“. Theobromine is a bitter alkaloid which has been shown to be mildly stimulating, giving you a burst of energy and improving focus as well as memory storage.


Cacao increases the flow of blood and oxygen to the brain as well as induces the release of endorphins and dopamine, our feel-good hormones. As a result, we are happier and our creativity is reaching peak states.


Santa Maria aka Cannabis - is a Spirit Plant Medicine which has been used for thousands of years by indigenous cultures as an aid to attaining spiritual connection and healing.


If you so chose, you will experience Santa Maria as the wise and powerful healing spirit that she is. You will witness first-hand how she gently dissolves your ego to break free of your earthly attachments and make way for your journey to non-ordinary realms, where you can share your intention with you helping spirits.


gray bird is a shamanic practitioner who has been providing healing and ceremonial service since 2014.


Peace, Love, and Forgiveness, gray


Connected in spirit ❤ gray bird


Master Plant Teachers have helped healed me from a lifetime of debilitating PTSD, chronic Anxiety, and Depression. Now I walk the Medicine Path in the service of others.


Gray Bird has provided many years of ceremonial service. Among his teachers are - Grand Master Simon (White Tiger) , Don Luchio (Tamshiyacu, Peru), Angela Prider (White Bone) , Blackfoot Elder Robert, this tribal land I walk, Ram Dass, Sandra Ingerman and Puma Singona (shamanism), all the spirits of nature, and the Universe. Gray Bird has practiced Kung Fu for many years, attended a 3 year shamanic apprenticeship, and travelled several times to the Amazon Jungle. He was given his medicine name at a Huachuma ceremony in Cusco.

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